political elit on twitter: capitalist critique on a capitalist machine

political elit on twitter: capitalist critique on a capitalist machine

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One of my favorite writers involved in the online literature movement is @postcrunk.

AKA Lord Crunkington, the twitter handle is the home to socio-political critiques of capitalism, materialism, and the existential ills that plague our society today. Delivered with a dead-pan truthfulness (which is sometimes quite depressing, given the state of affairs), Crunkington’s work edges us closer to that inevitable existential crisis we are all eventually destined for given our post-capitalist society’s obsession with shallowness and objects.

postcrunk certainly operates outside of given standards for publishing poetry or literature — his publisher is Twitter, after all. He recently began to monetize his work (after posting incessantly since 2008) not by selling his words, but by selling t-shirts printed with his words. In order to survive, he has had to abide by some of capitalism demands, even while decrying it through his page. Namely, the use of Twitter as his platform and selling his branded merch are the ways he operates within the current framework.

It creates a sort of paradox, then — to actively critique institutions while also deconstructing with what has been the weapon of choice of activists and deviants for millennia: words.

His page could be considered “cybertext,” but not only because it resides online. The page itself is a labyrinth¬†of sorts: there are many paths to take, since the reader can dip in at any point the page. Seeing certain tweets reblogged on other platforms (like Tumblr, or Facebook) also counts as being introduced to the work. The entry point can be random, and what is read next can be random too — there is no set storyline or arc. But the end point is always the same. At the heart of the labyrinth is that existential crisis and shedding of indoctrinated materialism to achieve zen.

Based up, Lord Crunkington.


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